So a quick backgrounder: I got married on March 24, 2017 LAST YEAR! Since then, my husband Kevin Wyant has applied for an immigrant visa so I can live with him in the US.

Yesterday Kevin and I received emailed instructions from the US National Visa Center. Now we can move forward with submitting the final forms and documents for my immigrant visa. We don’t want to bore you with details but we know the big question has always been, “How much longer?”

This process can take up to 10 weeks, and after that, I (Esther) can get scheduled for the consular interview in Montreal. I’m still staying with my loving and supportive family in Ottawa , while Kevin works and resides in Washington (USA) ️️🇺🇲️️. There are days when we really miss each other…he wants my Filipino   cooking, but a person can only have so much lumpia and rice 🌯🍚!!!

We are thankful and continue to praise and worship God whose grace is sufficient for everything. Thank you for your love and support!

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